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Jessica Murdoch

Here's a little about my story...

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. 

I am 35 and have Hashimotos disease.

I have suffered from Lyme disease and since recovered.

I am a kinesiologist and a tea sommelier. 

I want to share with you my experience with AutoImmune and Lyme disease, but first let me say, that I am in very good health, I hold down a full time job, have a social life and also enjoy movement and exercise - (this at my lowest points, was not the case) and I share this in case you have come across these pages in that condition - searching out a little hope or someone who has walked a similar path.

I am very much able to manage my condition, although on occasion have flare ups of my symptoms. I find this is generally a sign that I am stressed, pushing myself too hard or have overindulged in foods I know I should avoid.  Through experience I know how to get back on track quite quickly, but my body never lies and will always tell me when i'm off track or getting out of balance.

My take on food...

I follow holistic nutrition.

That means eating as close to nature intended as possible.  I had a teacher once say to me "never eat something that has less life-force than you do" this makes total sense to me and has always stuck with me.  I try and eat as organic as possible and as local as possible.  

Eat food - not products! I believe in bio-individuality - (meaning) one persons food in another person's poison.  

We are all different, so why should we all eat the same?  It's fun to experiment and 'feel' what fits best with your constitution and in your tummy.  I have a few 'special' dietary needs that I follow..... I mainly manage my auto immune disease using food - this means I'm gluten & dairy free and also follow an AIP (auto immune paleo) diet as best I can, especially if I have a flare up.  

Of all the things I've tried over the many years, this way of eating, (for me) is what gives me the most relief and best results.

I believe there are many different aspects of Wellness -  and that it's individual for everyone.

I've looked at the Mind, Body, Spirit trio and worked on all aspects to regain my health.  We are a whole being and not one organ, system or disease can be looked at from one point of view, the body needs to be addressed in it's entirety.

I love drinking tea, collecting teapots, creating tinctures and remedies, cooking, exploring, painting and sharing time with family and friends.