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In Wellness, Jes x






Retreat to Wellness

Hello - let me introduce myself and give you an insight into The Wellness Space.

Let's not simply survive - but THRIVE!

'Change your thoughts and you can change your world'


Believe me you can.  I've done it.

What better way to know where your food has come from than to pick it yourself!

Being creative is in our nature. You might not think you are, but maybe you just haven't found the right outlet.  Being creative and birthing ideas sets our soul on fire.  Nobody has the unique gift you do or can bring into the world what you can.  You might create amazing food, photographs, music or paintings.  You might sing, style, dance, sculpt, garden or build cars.  You might heal, simply love or create beautiful relationships. 

Everyone is different. Find what makes your soul sing - get creating.

Be Vibrant.  Be True.  and most importantly Be YOU.

Love ya Guts is where you will find lots of different recipes and things we love to cook here at TWS. Cooking is an art.  So many things go into preparing a meal, from sourcing (we chose local and organic when we can) choosing ingredients, the energy state the cook is in and the artform of creating alchemy.

A meal is the only artform we eat. This type of art becomes our blood.  Quite literally - we are what we eat.

This doesn't have to be complicated. Often simple is best.  Just remember: 

'One persons food is anothers poison'.

Work out what is best for YOU! Don't worry, when you tune in and listen to your body - it will guide you.  So will your intuition.  It never gets it wrong.

Apothecary: Quite literally exactly that.  These are things in MY life which I get so excited by that I want to share with you.  From my favourite authors, to my favourite pieces of jewellery.  From herbs, oils, ingredients, to apps, gismos cameras and everthing in between.  

I always have so many friends ask me where I get bits and pieces so I've put them all together here so you can enjoy them too!

Share the Love & Wellness is not only my Mantra but my Journal/blog. I'll share with you updates of whats going on in my world and share ideas that can inspire and enhance your would.  Get on the Mailing list to get our Journal Musings to your inbox!