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In Wellness, Jes x






Everything I know

Everything I know


Everything I Know is my ebook.

I wanted to tell my story and give you 'Everything I know' to help you along your journey with AutoImmune.

This is a resource I wish I had had when dealing with my long health battle that spanned over 17 years.

It's a salute to understanding what many don't who have not walked this path. It's me sharing what has helped me and my best tips, tricks, advice, go to products, practitioners and protocols.

I hope you will find a few pearls in what I have shared and my wish is that my suffering and learning can help as many of you as possible along this hard and often overwhelming journey.

I believe you, you're not crazy, and yes - the struggle is real.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 2.22.09 pm.png

Thank you for sharing in this with me.

In love and wellness,


Jessica x