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Welcome to retreat to wellness.

exlore, Learn, heal and be inspired.



 I have walked an interesting healing journey to move from ill health to health and it is through these pages I want to share my experience.  

My wish is to help others navigate their way to through ill health and disease, and offer a resource I wish I had had along the way.


I want to share everything I know.


I'll do my best to always give you the best researched information I know to be true - above all, I promise to be authentic about my journey and the process.

If you are interested to read more about me and my story click here

The Blog is where you will find information about conditions, health topics & musings.  Recipies is where you will find all my favourite recipes from the blog and from the interwebs.

The Apothecary is where I share my favourite products, remedies and books.

Resources is where you will find the best information, practitioners, food suppliers and experts.

For those of you with AutoImmune, please join my AutoImmune Paleo Australia Facebook Group and join our community.